Children's Injuries

Our services at Albury Insight Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Clinic also covers children’s injuries. Our after-hours sports injury and fracture clinic is available for rapid and after hours assessment of your child’s injury. Orthopedic injuries for children can vary, but most commonly we treat trauma, sprains and bone fractures, ACL injuries and concussions.

Trauma Injuries

Trauma care at our clinic extends beyond healing broken bones (fractures). Our team delivers specialized care to help children with traumatic injuries regain as close to normal function as possible. Majority of traumatic injuries are caused by accidents commonly associated with the active and athletic nature of children. Musculoskeletal trauma is the most common medical emergency in children.


Children will also commonly experience breaks or fractures as a result of many different kinds of activities. As you may know, fractures can vary widely from child to child, and will require different types of treatment. Fractures can be caused by many types of activities, but are commonly seen in sporting incidents, or any instances causing trauma to a body part.


Treatment of children’s injuries will vary according to the severity of the accident. If you suspect your child has any type of orthopedic injury, please get in contact.


However we recommend visiting the emergency department for more severe injuries.

Our Team

Our highly specialised team of orthopaedic surgeons live and practice in Albury, so you know that they will be available to see you fast. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional patient experience with improved patient outcomes within a more sustainable and effective private healthcare system.